Reclaiming Israel’s History



Hardcover  •  2017  •  $27.99
ISBN: 978-1-62157-590-0

There was a time when Israel could do no wrong in America’s eyes. That time is long past, and justly so—no nation is absolutely perfect, particularly not one who is engaged in a conflict as long as the Arab-Israeli Conflict. But the myth of the perfect Israel has been supplanted by a far more deleterious myth: the myth of the evil Israel. This new myth has so pervaded contemporary culture that the history of Israel—as well documented as it is—has been recast and retold to fit a false narrative of Israel as violent occupier.

David Brog, director of Christian United for Israel, reminds readers of the actual history of Israel and Palestine in Reclaiming Israel’s History: Roots, Rights, and the Struggle for Peace.

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