Awesome Possum Family Band

Awesome Possum


Hardcover  •  2014  •  $16.95
ISBN: 978-1621572114

The Awesome Possum Family Band has been invited to sing on TV. It’s their big showbiz break and it’s time to let their talents shine! Everyone in the family knows what his or her special musical talent is, and the whole family is working together to get ready for the big day.

That is, everyone except for Possum Number Nine.

He’s the youngest of a big, lovable, and very talented family of performing possums. He must have a talent too! But what could it be?

Come along on Number Nine’s quest to find his place in the family business. Enjoy the adventure as he tries his hand at many new things, never giving up, before he finally discovers his very special gift. Then celebrate as he follows Mother Possum’s advice to make his dream come true.

Written by world-famous recording artist and entertainer Jimmy Osmond, Awesome Possum Family Band is sure to delight and inspire kids and adults alike! Osmond fans—both old and new—will treasure its timeless message and nostalgic nod to one of America’s most famous music-making families.

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