The Cure That Works



Hardcover  •  2019  •  $28.99
ISBN: 9781621579533

We Can Give Every American the World’s Best Healthcare—for 75 Percent Less

It’s a Lot Easier Than You Think

Halfway around the world, Singapore has solved the healthcare crisis by using forgotten American ideas

to deliver the world’s best healthcare at a quarter of what Americans pay. Even more amazing: every resident has access to the same high-quality care.

Sean Masaki Flynn, PhD, author of Economics for Dummies, offers a fascinating and data-driven analysis that demonstrates how Singapore’s successful free-market healthcare system could be a model for drastically improving American healthcare and cutting our runaway costs.

In The Cure That Works, readers will discover:

• How to cut healthcare costs by $2.4 trillion per year while providing every American with world-class care

• How the Singapore healthcare model increases life expectancy by 5+ years

• How every American’s health savings account (HSA) could be fully funded— without costing taxpayers a dime

• How the Singapore model is already being used by companies like Whole Foods to slash costs and raise quality

• Why our current system is bad for young people (and why politicians won’t admit it)

• How Indiana used Medicaid HSAs to crush costs and expand coverage

• The secret to improving healthcare com- petition (it’s something we invented and then forgot)

• Why age-rated health insurance is the key to universal participation

• The behavioral economics of health insurance, HSAs, and price tags (yes, price tags)

The Cure That Works offers the most refreshingly persuasive, factual, analytical, and practical arguments for healthcare reform that you will ever read. But ultimately it is a call to action. Buy this book, read it, absorb its lessons, and then send a copy to your congressman. The time for real healthcare reform is now.

“Sean Masaki Flynn is a member of two endangered species: sane Republicans who care about getting good policy and economists who can explain things. His take on the mess that is American healthcare nancing is clear, coherent and—I think—largely correct.”

—BRAD DeLONG, former deputy assistant secretary of the Treasury and professor at UC Berkeley

“This is a must-read book for anyone who wants to solve the problems with the American health system. Sean Flynn, a terri c economist, is a two-fer. He thoroughly understands the Singapore health system and the health system in the USA that we have been trying to x for years.”

—DEBORAH FREUND, university professor and president emerita at Claremont Graduate University

“The Cure That Works presents thoroughly tested and documented reforms that can work here in the United States. Sean Flynn outlines the missing links that can provide every American with the highest quality healthcare outcomes.”

—VIDAR JORGENSEN, chairman, World Health Care Congress


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