Warning Signs

Warning Signs

by ,

Hardcover  •  2011  •  $21.95
ISBN: 978-0-89526-189-2

You see your kids every day. You have a handle on their lives, right? But do you know how to read the undercurrents? Can you spot the subtle signs of potentially addictive behavior? Is there a touch of violence hidden in your child?

WARNING SIGNS shows the exact key behaviors, activities, and personality changes to look for in your child that point to brewing trouble. Designed for every parent with teens today, this is the only book that provides honest answers to the questions you have about your child and drug abuse, alcohol and binge drinking, violence and bullying, gambling, and depression and suicide.

Author John Kelly, a respected authority in addictive behaviors and treatments, together with award-winning journalist writer Brian Karem, focuses on the vital role low self-esteem plays in these addictions and the volumes of other problems that can be attributed to a sense of low self-worth. WARNING SIGNS shows you how you can stay vigilant and recognize the early signs of low self-esteem, address problems before they become crises, and nurture your child toward healthy development of self-worth.

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