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I Believe in Genevieve, Jenny Craig, Wendy Edelson, 2013, 978-1-62157-085-1, Hardcover, $16.95

Genevieve (Jenny) has a deep adoration for horses and she wants nothing more than to ride in the big horse show at the end of the summer. But she and her horse, Candy Ride, need to get healthy and strong before they can compete! Jenny and her sister Trudy (along with Candy Ride) take tips… | read more »

I’m Too Young to Have Breast Cancer, Beth Leibson-Hawkins, 1970, 0-89526-055-7, Hardcover, $21.95

Gives a voice to the new face of breast cancer, through a multifaceted approach spanning the issues of career, control, children, dating, and religion.

Icons of Evolution, Jonathan Wells, 1970, 0-89526-276-2, Hardcover, $27.95

Jonathan Wells has news for you. Everything you were taught about evolution is wrong. Icons of Evolution will light the fires of controversy and provide a brutally honest report of who what we’ve truly discovered about evolution in recent years.

Implosion, Ilan Berman, 2013, 978-1-62157-157-5, Hardcover, $27.95

Russia Is In Danger Of Collapsing Upon Itself And it could do so with reverberations that would rock America and the rest of the world. Ilan Berman of the American Foreign Policy Council sounds the alarm in Implosion: The End of Russia and What It Means for America. While America is preoccupied with threats from… | read more »

In Defense of Andrew Jackson, Bradley Birzer, 2018, 978-1621577287, Hardcover, $29.99

The tide of working class anxiety that drove Donald Trump into the White House is not a new, 21st century American phenomenon. For Professor Bradley J. Birzer, who teaches a class on “Jacksonian America” at Hillsdale College, today’s working class anxieties are all too familiar—as is the combative political climate, and the rise of a… | read more »

In Defense of Internment, Michelle Malkin, 1970, 0-89526-051-4, Hardcover, $27.95

The post—World War II critics are challenged in this controversial justification of internment and its implications for Bush’s war on terror.

In the Arena, Caspar Weinberger, 1970, 0-89526-166-9, Hardcover, $34.95

Having been on the front lines of history as it was being made through most of the twentieth century, Weinberger writes this most stirring memoir.

In the Cauldron: Terror, Tension, and the American Ambassador’s Struggle to Avoid Pearl Harbor, Lew Paper, 2019, 978-1-62157-631-0, Hardcover, $29.99

In the Cauldron recounts the relentless effort of Joseph Grew, America’s ambassador to Japan, to orchestrate an agreement between Japan and the United States to avoid the war he saw coming.  It is a story filled with hope and heartache, complex and fascinating people, and a nail-biting drama befitting the momentous decisions at stake.  And more… | read more »

In the Words of Our Enemies, Jed Babbin, 1970, 1596985232, Hardcover, $24.95

Highlighting our enemies’ own words, Jed Babbin gives you, the reader, an insider’s intelligence report on the dangers we face.  In the Words of Our Enemies  gives you the knowledge you need to be forewarned and forearmed in defending America.

Injustice, J. Christian Adams, 1970, 978-1-59698-277-2, Hardcover, $27.95

In Injustice, Christian Adams–a five-year veteran of the DOJ and a key attorney in pursuing the New Black Panther voter intimidation case–recounts the shocking story of how a once-storied federal agency, the DOJ’s Civil Rights division has degenerated into a politicized fiefdom for far-left militants, where the enforcement of the law depends on the race of the victim.

Inquisition, Carlton Sherwood, 1970, 0-89526-532-X, Hardcover, $29.95

This is an astounding expose of the false prosecustion of Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church and an urgent warning about the ever-present potential for abuse in our justice system.

Inside CentCom, Michael DeLong, Noah Lukeman, 1970, 0-89526-020-4, Hardcover, $24.95

The crucial, ultimate insider’s account about what really happened, and what is really happening, in the war against the terror masters

Inside the Asylum, Jed Babbin, 1970, 0-89526-470-6, Hardcover, $27.95

How the UN coddles dictators and threatens American security.

Invasion, Michelle Malkin, 2002, 0-89526-146-4, Hardcover, Paperback, $27.95

Invasion shines the light on how the INS, Congress, State Department, big business, and ethnic special interests continue to value the rights of criminal aliens over American lives.

Invasion of Privacy, Michael S. Hyatt, 1970, 0-89526-287-8, Hardcover, $27.95

Today’s technology gives anyone with a computer and a little time to kill access to shocking amount of information about private citizens lives.

Invasion Within, Domenick Maglio, 1970, 0-89526-044-1, Hardcover, $27.95

Dr. Maglio reveals the outlets in our culture–namely television, movies, and magazines–that are leading our children down a dangerous path.

Inventing the AIDS Virus, Peter Duesberg, 1970, 0-89526-470-6, Hardcover, $29.95

Peter Duesberg, M.D., an eminent scientist anda pioneer in the discovery of retroviruses (such as HIV), challenges the widely accepted belief that HIV is the cause of AIDS

Investing In One Lesson, Mark Skousen, 2008, 978-1-59698-522-3, Hardcover, $26.95

In Investing In One Lesson, investment guru Dr. Mark Skousen clearly reveals the reasons for the unpredictable nature of the stock market and describes the economic, psychological, and even irrational factors that often blindside investors. Most importantly, he explains why otherwise successful professionals so often fail at investing and offers reassurance and reason to bewildered beginning investors and frustrated seasoned investors alike.

Is Heart Surgery Necessary?, Julian Whitaker, 1970, 0-89526-427-7, Paperback, $12.95

Dr. Whitaker reveals that the procedures frequently prescribed by heart doctors–including bypass surgery and angioplasty–are not only often unnecessary but also dangerous.

ISIS Exposed, Erick Stakelbeck, 2015, 978-1-62157-377-7, Hardcover, $29.99

Terrorism expert Erick Stakelbeck pulls back the curtain on ISIS, the violent terrorist organization spreading death and hate in the Middle East. The rise of ISIS took the White House by complete surprise: President Obama called the group “JV,” then was forced to reassess when ISIS began executing innocent American journalists. Now radicalized Americans and… | read more »

It’s a New World, Charlie Brown!, Charles M. Schulz, 2016, 978-1-62157-335-7, Hardcover, $14.99

Charlie Brown and friends are headed to Camp New World to see what life was like for the pilgrims. Lucy can’t wait to get all dressed up. Sally can’t wait to pick flowers. Linus is looking forward to fishing. But when the Peanuts gang arrives at Camp New World, they discover everything is a lot… | read more »