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Wall of Silence, Janardan P. Singh, Rosemary Gibson, 2003, 978-0-89526-112-0, Hardcover, $39.99

Gibson uses dozens of real-life stories to illustrate how medical errors can and do happen anywhere in the medical process–from diagnosis through treatment.

War Animals: The Unsung Heroes of World War II, Robin Hutton, 2018, 9781621576587, , $29.99

America’s highest military award, the Congressional Medal of Honor, was awarded to four-hundred-forty deserving members of “The Greatest Generation” that served in World War II. But in 1943, before the war was even over, Allied leaders realized they needed another kind of award to recognize a different kind of World War II hero-animal heroes. Founded… | read more »

War on the West, William Perry Pendley, 1970, 0-89526-482-X, Hardcover, $24.95

The Federal government, backing the environmentalists, is using strong-arm tactics against western landowners, making action necessary in order to help preserve the American west, head off extremism, and keep private land in private hands.

War Stories, Oliver North, 2003, 0-89526-063-8, Hardcover, $29.95

Bestselling author North reports in living detail the story of the real Iraq War–the war the media missed.

War Stories II, Oliver North, 2004, 1-59698-023-0, Paperback, $16.95

FOX News’ Oliver North presents firsthand accounts of the most contentious and treacherous battles from the Pacific theater of WWII. Free DVD included.

War Stories III, Oliver North, 2005, 1-59698-024-9, Paperback, $16.95

From the award-winning and number one—rated FOX News Channel series hosted by bestselling author Oliver North comes the third in the hit series of books highlighting the most riveting stories of monumental battles in American history.

War, Politics, and Power, Karl von Clausewitz, 1999, 978-0-89526-401-5, Paperback, $18.95

For the strategist–whether he’s in business, the military, or any other competitive field of endeavor–here is the essence of the greatest military thinker in the western world. Karl von Clausewitz (1780-1813) was a Prussian general and battlefield opponent of Napoleon (including on the retreat from Moscow). His book On War is the most famous and… | read more »

Warning Signs, Brian J. Karem, John Kelly, 2011, 978-0-89526-189-2, Hardcover, $21.95

You see your kids every day. You have a handle on their lives, right? But do you know how to read the undercurrents? Can you spot the subtle signs of potentially addictive behavior? Is there a touch of violence hidden in your child? WARNING SIGNS shows the exact key behaviors, activities, and personality changes to… | read more »

Warriors for the West, William Perry Pendley, 1970, 1-59698-006-0, Hardcover, $27.95

With dramatic storytelling and hard-hitting facts, former Marine, Capitol Hill lawyer, and Reagan Administration official William Pendley puts human faces on Westerners’ historic and often precedent-setting fights against big government.

Waste Management, Timothy Jacobson, 1970, 0-89526-511-7, Hardcover, $$21.95

In the beginning we knew them as scavengers. then as garbageman. then solid waste haulers. Then the dispensers of sophisticated environmental services. The changing language charts the evolution of a huge industry. No company better represents this industry than Waste Management, today the largest and most successful provider of environmental management services in the world.

We Serve, Paul Martin, 1970, 0-89526-534-6, Hardcover, $$24.95

The international success story of the Lions Club. IT tells the tale of how practical-minded visionaries banded together 75 years ago in Chicago to create an organization that now operates nearly 40,000 clubs in more the 170 countries. One and a half million men and women proudly claim the title of “Lion.”

Wealth and Poverty, George Gilder, 1970, , Hardcover, $29.95

In the updated edition of the New York Times bestseller Wealth & Poverty with a new introduction from Steve Forbes, author and preeminent economic thinker George Gilder proves why supply-side economics—rather than Obama’s big-government, redistributive policies—is the answer to decreasing America’s poverty rate and increasing her prosperity.

Welcome to Obamaland, James Delingpole, 1970, 978-59698-588-6, Hardcover, $27.95

Hilarious, impassioned, and perceptive, Welcome to Obamaland will have you laughing through your tears and taking courage from the eternal truth of conservative convictions.

Well Versed, Jim Garlow, 2016, 1621575500, Paperback, $14.99

Skyline Church Pastor James L. Garlow presents Well-Versed, the ultimate scripture-based guide for Christians looking for answers, reassurance, and resources on the issues of today. (Topics include: Israel, Social Justice, Sexual Identity, Debt, Taxes, Abortion, Bioethics, the Role of Government, War, Islam, Entertainment, and more.)

Westward Ho, Charlie Brown!, Charles M. Schulz, 2016, 978-1-62157-344-9, Hardcover, $14.99

Charlie Brown and friends pack up and head West for a pioneer adventure! But will life on the wagon trail be too rough for the Peanuts gang?

What America Needs, Jeffrey Lord, 2016, 978-1621575238, Paperback, $14.99

He’s controversial, colorful, and occasionally crass. But there’s no denying that billionaire businessman Donald Trump has struck a chord with the American electorate. Right now the economy is floundering; college students are protesting; undocumented immigrants are settling in; ISIS is growing; and Russia is plotting. It’s time for a bold leader in the White House.… | read more »

What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched, and Obama Tweeted, Tevi Troy, 2013, 9781621570394, Paperback, $18.95

From Cicero to Snooki, the cultural influences on our American presidents are powerful and plentiful. Thomas Jefferson famously said “I cannot live without books,” and his library backed up the claim, later becoming the backbone of the new Library of Congress. Jimmy Carter watched hundreds of movies in his White House, while Ronald Reagan starred… | read more »

What Washington Can Learn From the World of Sports, George Allen, 2010, 978-1-59698-598-8, Hardcover, $27.95

In What Washington Can Learn from the World of Sports, George Allen blends sports anecdotes–memorable, funny, and nostalgic–with the political issues we face, proving that Washington would be far better off it took a page from the sports world’s playbook.

What’s So Great About America, Dinesh D'Souza, 2015, 978-1-62157-402-6, Hardcover, Paperback, $

A New York Times Bestseller! With What’s So Great About America, Dinesh D’Souza is not asking a question, but making a statement. The former White House policy analyst and bestselling author argues that in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, American ideals and patriotism should not be things we shy away from. Instead he offers… | read more »

What’s so Great About Christianity, Dinesh D'Souza, 2008, 978-1-59698-517-9, Hardcover, $27.95

The New York Times bestselling What’s So Great About Christianity proves that Christianity and science are not at odds with each other; that atheism is philosophically, factually, and demographically bankrupt; and that a resurgent Christianity is the real wave of the future–and atheism a trend of the past.

What’s the Big Idea, Charlie Brown?, Charles M. Schulz, 2014, 978-1621572572, Hardcover, $16.99

Charlie Brown and his friends are throwing a party to celebrate great inventions! To prepare for the party, everyone in the Peanuts gang is coming up with a favorite “big idea” from history. But Charlie Brown has a problem: he can’t think of any big ideas! Rediscover history’s great inventions—and learn about a very important… | read more »

Whatever It Takes, J.D. Hayworth, 1970, 0-89526-028-X, Hardcover, $27.95

Arizona congressman Hayworth takes on one of the most controversial issues of national security–immigration–and exposes the hypocrisy, greed, and political correctness that could literally destroy our nation.

When Did White Trash Become the New Normal?, Charlotte Hays, 2013, 978-1-62157-160-5, Hardcover, $21.95

About the Book: Tattoos used to be considered beyond the pale. Occasionally, there would be a shocking rumor to the effect that somebody’s father had acquired a tattoo while in the military. But decent, law-abiding citizens didn’t go to tattoo parlors and emerge marked with indelible signs of bad taste. “Tattoing used to be the… | read more »

When God Happens: True Stories of Modern Day Miracles, Angela Hunt, Bill Myers, 2018, 9781621577133, Paperback, $16.99

A car flips over on the highway and bursts into flames. A father hears devastating news about his unborn child. A teenage girl follows a friend to a dangerous party. Then God happens. If you have ever doubted the miraculous power of God, prepare to be astonished. Here, real people share true stories of modern-day… | read more »

When I Was a Kid, This Was a Free Country, G. Gordon Liddy, 1970, 0-89526-106-5, Paperback, $27.95

In this entertaining narrative, Liddy walks through the erosion of certain rights and liberties fought for by our Founders.

Where Did You Go, Charlie Brown?, Charles M. Schulz, 2014, 978-1-62157-258-9, Hardcover, $16.99

Charlie Brown and his friends are embarking on a day of adventures! As the Peanuts gang explores the outdoors, the kids decide to reenact the feats of great explorers they learned about in school. Retrace the remarkable journeys of men and women who tread new ground—including one woman you’ve never heard of before—in this exciting… | read more »

Who Cares, Charlie Brown?, Charles M. Schulz, 2014, 978-1-62157-259-6, Hardcover, $16.99

Charlie Brown and his friends are hitting the baseball field for a long day of fun in the sun! But the game turns into something more when the Peanuts gang starts learning about the many men and women who changed the course of history by helping their fellow humans. This touching ode to some of… | read more »

Who Killed the Constitution? The Judges v. the Law, William Eaton, 1970, 0-89526-776-4, Paperback, $10.95

William Eaton argues that the Supreme Court has “outgrown” the Constitution and betrayed the Framers’ formula of checks and balances.

Wholly Different, , 2017, 1621575780, Hardcover, $27.99

Western countries are ignorant of true Islamic values, says Nonie Darwish. Darwish is an Egyptian-American, former-Muslim human rights activist who is frustrated with mainstream America’s talk of tolerance and assimilation. In Wholly Different, Darwish sets non-Muslims straight about tenets of Islam that are incompatible with free society.

Why We Fight, William J. Bennet, 1970, 0-89526-134-0, Paperback, $17.95

Bennett seeks to preserve moral clarity in order to ensure that our national resolve, in the wake of September 11, does not falter in this difficult and necessary war.

Why We Fight, Sebastian Gorka, 2018, 9781621576402, Hardcover, $

“Sebastian Gorka was [President Trump’s] strategist. Dr. Gorka knows Donald Trump and the threats we fact. Buy and read Why We Fight to find how we win and what it means to be an American hero.” — RUSH LIMBAUGH WAR. It will happen again. We must be ready. Sober words from Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a man who… | read more »

Winning the Future, Newt Gingrich, 2005, 1-59698-007-9, Paperback, $16.95

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich lays out a path for economic security, national defense, and dramatic political reform.

Witness, Whittaker Chambers, 2014, 978-1-62157-296-1, Paperback, $

#1 New York Times bestseller for 13 consecutive weeks! First published in 1952, Witness is the true story of Soviet spies in America and the trial that captivated a nation. Part literary effort, part philosophical treatise, this intriguing autobiography recounts the famous case and reveals much more. Chambers’ worldview and his belief that “man without mysticism is a monster” went on to help make political conservatism a national force.

Women in the Military, Brian Mitchell, 1970, 0-89526-376-9, Hardcover, $24.95

Now former Army officer Brian Mitchell offers a sober, thoughtful, but scalding analysis of how the integration of women into our armed forces has proved a national security nightmare.

Woodrow for President, Cheryl Barnes, Peter Barnes, 2012, 9781596987869, Hardcover, $16.95

Election year is upon us and what better way to teach children about campaigning, voting, and the election process than through Cheryl and Peter Barnes’ critically-acclaimed book Woodrow for President! Featuring Woodrow G. Washingtail, a civic-minded mouse with presidential ambitions, Woodrow for President follows Woodrow as he runs for president of the United Mice of America

Woodrow, the White House Mouse, Cheryl Barnes, Peter W. Barnes, 2012, 978-1-59698-788-3, Hardcover, $16.95

Woodrow Washingtail is back and ready to get to work as Commander-in-Cheese of the United Mice of America! A follow-up to Woodrow for President, Woodrow, the White House Mouse teaches children about the presidency and the art, architecture, and history of the White House as President Washingtail and his family work and play in the greatest mouse house of all.

Worshipping the State, Benjamin Wiker, 2013, 978-1-62157-029-5, Hardcover, $27.95

Many Christians feel that they are being opposed at every turn by what seems to be a well-orchestrated political and cultural campaign to de-Christianize every aspect of Western culture. They are right, and it goes even further back than the Obama Administration. In Worshipping the State: How Liberalism Became Our State Religion, Benjamin Wiker argues that… | read more »