Do We Really Need The Electoral College?

Was Donald Trump's win in 2016 legitimate? Or was Hillary Clinton the true winner?

Tara Ross explains how vital the Electoral College is to our Republic.

Is the Electoral College anti-democratic?

Some would say yes. After all, the presidential candidate with the most popular votes has nevertheless lost the election at least three times, including 2016. To some Americans, that’s a scandal. They believe it is an intolerable flaw in the Constitution, a relic of a bygone era that ought to have been purged long ago.

Tara Ross, author of Why We Need The Electoral College, warns that would be a terrible mistake. Far from blocking the will of the people, the Electoral College is one of the guardrails ensuring the stability of the American Republic.

In this free chapter, you will learn why the Founders established the Electoral College—and why they thought it vital to the Constitution, why it was meant to be more important than the popular vote, and why Hillary Clinton was the first candidate to have such high popular vote total and still lose the Electoral College.

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