by Liz Wheeler

Having captured all the major institutions in our society, the left is waging its final assault—on America’s children. In her new book, Liz Wheeler exposes the Marxists behind the attack on America’s kids and challenges conservatives to fight to win. Everything is on the line...



Expect escalation.

The left is waging a deliberate, relentless attack on our children.

For nearly a century, the left has reengineered society and placed a target on our children’s backs. While complacent conservatives looked the other way, Marxists infiltrated, indoctrinated, subverted, and plotted to overthrow our cultural institutions. Then they hijacked and weaponized our government institutions. And no one has challenged them … until now.

It’s hard to understand that we are fighting actual Marxists, but if we fail to know the enemy, we will lose.

In this shocking book, Liz Wheeler exposes the Marxism behind the assault on our children—from teachers unions to school counselors, from Planned Parenthood and “comprehensive sexuality education” to proponents of Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory, from the war against homeschooling to the propagandizing of the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics, from ESG guidelines to the woke corporations pushing politics and gender ideology on Americans and their kids.

This is the decisive moment. We shall either save our children and our country or we shall lose everything that is precious to us. Defeat is not an option.

In Stores September 26.
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