For Agents

Regnery Publishing only accepts book proposals and manuscripts from professional literary agents. We do not review, retain, or return unsolicited materials from unagented prospective authors. Agents can submit a proposal by emailing:

“As an agent who works with many high-profile authors, when I have a hot conservative book, I always approach Regnery. Their media machine is impressive, their knowledge of the market is impeccable, and their track record is, quite simply, spectacular.”

—MEL BERGER, William Morris Agency

“…the most professional publishers I’ve ever had. Regnery, that is. They’re in the business of shifting product in large quantity, and to that end they’ve had me staggering from one radio or TV interview to another for months on end, plugging my book on the dangerously enfeebled state of Western civilization.”

—MARK STEYN, bestselling author of America Alone

“Regnery has shown time and again that it has the guts, brains, and dedication to turn the publishing world upside down. A publishing house of true professionals in every sense of the word.”

—LAURA INGRAHAM, author of the bestseller Shut Up and Sing