The Rational Bible: Genesis

by Dennis Prager

“Wow. I am a retired Hebrew teacher from a Christian Bible College. I have a B.A. in Jewish Studies, an M.A. in Old Testament and Hebrew and a PhD in Biblical Archaeology. I have a number of books traditionally published on Hebrew word studies. I have studied the Word of God in Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek for a minimum of three to four hours a day for the last 40 years. You would think this dusty old professor would not have anything new to learn. Wrong. Dennis Prager proves that the Word of God is a well that never runs dry … Prager introduces knowledge and wisdom from Jewish literature that is untapped by the Christian community.” — Amazon review

“This work has brought me closer to the wisdom of God, and for that I am grateful.” — Amazon review

“Another brilliant exegesis of the first book of the Bible. In his clear and easy style, Mr. Prager leads us on a journey of understanding that very few people could do. ” — Amazon review

” I find this commentary indispensible because it is written by someone who has intimate knowledge of the Hebrew language, and has studied Arabic; is knowledgeable about ancient Mesopotamia history and cultures, and has had a lifetime immersion in Jewish traditions and mores. Mr. Prager also has a way of bringing the stories to life, instead of killing them off as with most commentaries. There are many poignant, even heart-rending moments in the stories and characters of Genesis, and this is not lost in the interpretation. The most moving of all the tragic figures in the Bible was—a surprise to me; but it’s so obvious after he explains.” — Amazon review

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Many people today think the Bible, the most influential book in world history, is not only outdated but irrelevant, irrational, and even immoral.

This explanation of the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, demonstrates clearly and powerfully that the opposite is true. The Bible remains profoundly relevant—both to the great issues of our day and to each individual life. It is the greatest moral guide and source of wisdom ever written.

Do you doubt the existence of God because you think believing in God is irrational? This book will give you many reasons to rethink your doubts. Do you think faith and science are in conflict? You won’t after reading this commentary on Genesis. Do you come from a dysfunctional family? It may comfort you to know that every family discussed in Genesis was highly dysfunctional!

The title of this commentary is “The Rational Bible” because its approach is entirely reason-based. The reader is never asked to accept anything on faith alone. In Dennis Prager’s words, “If something I write is not rational, I have not done my job.”

The Rational Bible is the fruit of Dennis Prager’s forty years of teaching the Bible—whose Hebrew grammar and vocabulary he has mastered—to people of every faith and no faith at all. On virtually every page, you will discover how the text relates to the contemporary world in general and to you personally. His goal: to change your mind—and, as a result, to change your life.

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