October 6th, 2017 | Posted in News

Renowned Scholar Paul Kengor, Ph.D. Debunks the World’s Deadliest Ideology Glamorized by Today’s Generation

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The worst idea in history is back!  Communism has wrecked national economies, enslaved whole peoples, and killed more than a hundred million men and women. Despite these obvious atrocities, Communism is still gaining a disturbing popular resurgence amongst millennials.  In fact, more millennials prefer socialism and communism to capitalism. Sixty-nine percent of millennials admit that they would vote for a socialist for president. It is time to unmask the truth about Communism liberal professors having been hiding for decades.

Kengor expertly exposes the blood-drenched history of the most dangerous idea in world history, and reveals how Communism has produced dire poverty, repression, and carnage wherever it has been implemented. The Politically Incorrect Guide® to Communism debunks the world’s worst ideology, sounds the alarm about its disturbing popular resurgence, and arms you with the facts you need to refute its appeal.

In The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism®, Kengor reveals:

  • Stalin alone killed six times as many people as Hitler
  • The Khmer Rogue slaughtered more than a third of the population of Cambodia
  • Communists in Eastern Europe and worldwide tortured Christians
  • Communist Party USA (CPUSA) was directly controlled by the Soviets
  • Obama’s CIA director voted for the CPUSA candidate for president in 1980
  • Unrepentant sixties-era communists are educating American teachers today


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