Remember the Ladies, Too!

October 6th, 2017 | Posted in News

Ellis the Elephant discovers the many contributions America’s first ladies have made to our great nation

Washington, D.C. — While history generally puts our presidents under the microscope, the work of the first lady is often overlooked. Contrary to popular belief, the first lady of the United States does more than host extravagant parties and pose as America’s style icon. In Remember the Ladies (Regnery Kids; October 10, 2017; $16.99), the seventh in Callista Gingrich’s wildly popular series, Ellis the Elephant returns to teach children about some of America’s greatest first ladies.

Ellis discovers that the leading ladies of America are a strong and diverse group of women who have each lived their own remarkable lives. Through the good times and the bad, these ladies have willingly served with grace and strength. By learning about our greatest first ladies, children can appreciate the role these women play in making our nation great.

Join Ellis as he travels back in time and encounters:

  • Martha Washington as she invents what it means to be a first lady
  • Dolley Madison as she saves a portrait of George Washington from a burning White House
  • Mary Todd Lincoln as she supports Union troops throughout the Civil War
  • Eleanor Roosevelt as she redefines and strengthens the role of the first lady
  • Jackie Kennedy as she brings style and glamour to the White House


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