Subsidiary Rights

For information about licensing the rights to a Regnery title for audiobooks, foreign translations, paperbacks, leatherbounds, bargain editions, serialization, dramatic performances, television and film adaptations, or any other purpose, please write to:

Permission to use excerpts of Regnery titles in print, broadcast, and online media or to include portions of the book in new publications, academic course supplements, or online databases can be obtained by writing to and we will forward your request to the appropriate department.

Translation rights in select markets are represented by the following subagents, which can be contacted directly regarding Regnery titles:

  • Albania: Graal Literary Agency
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Graal Literary Agency
  • Bulgaria: Graal Literary Agency
  • China: *see below
  • Croatia: Graal Literary Agency
  • Czech Republic: Graal Literary Agency
  • Estonia: Graal Literary Agency
  • Hungary: Graal Literary Agency
  • Indonesia: Big Apple Agency
  • Japan: Tuttle-Mori Agency
  • Korea: Duran Kim Agency
  • Latvia: Graal Literary Agency
  • Lithuania: Graal Literary Agency
  • Macedonia: Graal Literary Agency
  • Malaysia: Big Apple Agency
  • Montenegro: Graal Literary Agency
  • Netherlands: Ulf Toregard Agency AB
  • Poland: Graal Literary Agency
  • Romania: Graal Literary Agency
  • Scandinavia: Ulf Toregard Agency AB
  • Serbia: Graal Literary Agency
  • Slovakia: Graal Literary Agency
  • Slovenia: Graal Literary Agency
  • Taiwan: *see below
  • Thailand: Big Apple Agency
  • Turkey: Akcali Copyright Agency
  • Vietnam: Big Apple Agency

*Chinese rights (both simplified and complex/traditional) to Regnery titles are represented nonexclusively in mainland China and Taiwan by the following agents. Please contact one:

  • Big Apple Agency
  • CA-Link International
  • Rightol Media Limited

Translation inquires for any markets not listed above are handled in-house. Please contact: