We Must Save the Electoral College

October 18th, 2017 | Posted in News

Washington, D.C.— After losing two of the past five presidential races in the Electoral College (EC), furious Democrats are determined to never let it happen again. In fact, Hillary Clinton even calls for ending the EC in her new book!

In The Indispensable Electoral College: How the Founders’ Plan Saves Our Country from Mob Rule (Regnery Gateway; October 30, 2017; $29.99), lawyer and Electoral College expert Tara Ross cuts through the loud cries of the sore-losing-Left and explains why the EC is not a partisan political issue—but our stability as a nation depends on it.

So eager to get their party into office, the Left fails to see the detrimental effects the dismantling of the Electoral College would have on our nation. Had the 2016 election been based on the popular vote, California and New York would have single-handedly determined the outcome. Such a system would be dangerous argues Ross, and would only serve to reward a party that failed to build a cross-regional coalition.

In The Indispensable Electoral College, Ross explains how the Electoral College actually saves our nation from tyranical rule—and what the Left doesn’t want you to about one of America’s greatest institutions, including:

  • Why the Electoral College safeguards national unity
  • How the Electoral College prevents political crises in tight elections
  • How the Founders came up with the Electoral College—and why they thought it was so important
  • Why the Electoral Colege was meant to be more important than the popular vote
  • Why the Electoral College doesn’t favor one party over the other
  • Why the Electoral College is inappropriately—and incorrectly—labeled a “relic of slavery”

Clearly the controversy has been renewed: Should we keep the Electoral College? Tara Ross shows you why the answer should be a resounding Yes!


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