Control Freaks

Control Freaks

7 Ways Liberals Plan to Ruin Your Life

by Terry Jeffrey

Liberals control congress and the White House. Next on the agenda: your life.
If the Obama administration has one overriding objective—tying together health care “reform,” non-stop meddling in the economy, and hard-Left Supreme Court appointments—it is that big government should make decisions for you. When it comes to how you live your life, Washington bureaucrats know best.
Or so they tell us.
Nationally syndicated columnist Terence P. Jeffrey tells a different story. Jeffrey reveals how liberals are trying to transform America from the limited government of the Founding Fathers into the unlimited government of liberal control freaks.
Jeffrey dissects the relentless liberal attack on every freedom the Founders fought to secure for us, from where and how you live, to your right to criticize your representatives, to what you believe and teach your own children. Provocative—and thoroughly researched and documented—Control Freaks sounds the alarm that Barack Obama and the liberal establishment are stealing our liberties—and shows why we need to wake up and do something about it while they can still be stopped.

ISBN-13: 9781596985971

Published: July, 2010

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