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Check out these great books soon to be released by Regnery Publishing. Regnery always has fresh offerings of the very best in political commentary and current affairs books, as well as a line of exciting new titles from our Regnery History, Regnery Faith, Regnery Kids, and Little Patriot Press imprints. Use the buttons below to learn more about our upcoming books, and pre-order them from your favorite online retailers!

Understanding and Loving Your Child with ADHD

Stephen Arterburn, Michael Ross

Understanding and Loving Your Child Who Smokes Pot

Stephen Arterburn, Margot Starbuck

Hollowed Out

Jeremy S. Adams

40 Thieves on Saipan

Joseph Tachovsky, Cynthia Kraack

Marine Raiders

Carole Engle Avriett

God and Man at Yale

William F. Buckley Jr., Michael Knowles

The Suicide Solution

Daniel Emina, Rick Lawrence

The Hidden Nazi

Dean Reuter, Colm Lowery, Keith Chester

Revolutionary Monsters

Donald T. Critchlow

I Can't Breathe

David Horowitz

Facing the Fire

Kelvin J. Cochran

War by Other Means

Keith Kellogg


Mollie Hemingway

The Reactionary Mind

Michael Warren Davis

Is Atheism Dead?

Eric Metaxas

The Drift

Kevin A. Hassett

The Stakes

Michael Anton


Alex Berenson