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Politically Incorrect Guides

The Politically Incorrect Guide series busts popular myths about history, culture, and science. From Amazon reviews: “Solid, substantiated, scholarly, but fun to read, too… Prepare to be significantly more informed about the history of your own country, and brace yourself for a good bit of disillusionment and outrage. But read it… Tells the stories many have tried to erase from our history. I was embarrassed by many lies told to us about how certain events in our history and world history. Well researched. Sometimes the most interesting parts of our history are events our history books omit.”

The Rational Bible by Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager is known as a popular talk radio host and the founder of Prager University; but he has also spent decades studying and teaching the Torah. In the Rational Bible series, Prager walks readers through the first five books of the Bible with clear explanations and astonishing analyses that connect seemingly archaic verses to the contemporary world. From Amazon reviews: “We are using Dennis’s book in our 45 year old Bible group and for the very first time, are understanding Exodus!…This is truly a gift to humanity… Depth and insight, a real treasure… My appreciation for the God of the Torah and the Bible as a whole has deepened… I believe that this is a must read for all Christians.”

World War II Collection

Civil War Collection

The Presidents Collection

The Babylon Bee Guides

Donald the Caveman by Eric Metaxas

Written by #1 bestselling author and humorist Eric Metaxas and illustrated by award-winning artist Tim Raglin, Donald Builds the Wall is part political parable, part children’s book, and completely hilarious. From Amazon reviews: “I barked out loud laughing at the biggest creature from the swamp… very witty as should be expected from one of the most engaging and hysterically funny speakers ever to command a podium…  Clever, cute and dead-on, Donald Drains the Swamp illustrates perfectly the stinky money grab of the elitists in Washington and the popular appeal of ‘caveman’ Donald. I highly recommend it… This book is now my choice gift to friends. Both adults and children will love its delicious (typical Metaxas) humor. A new classic!”

Marlon Bundo by Charlotte Pence (illustrated by Karen Pence)

This children’s series written by the Vice President’s daughter Charlotte and illustrated with original watercolors by the Vice President’s wife Karen featured the Pence family’s real-life pet bunny (and Instagram star) Marlon Bundo. From Amazon reviews: “Very charming story, delightful pictures… A good wholesome children’s book that teaches a little about the daily role of a Vice President through the eyes of the Pences’ rabbit…  I bought 3 copies for our grandchildren! Great story that is well written and beautifully illustrated!”

Freddy the Frogcaster by Janice Dean

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean “The Weather Machine” makes weather science kid-friendly and fun in this delightful children’s series. From Amazon reviews: “Meteorologist Janice Dean combines her weather expertise with Russ Cox’s engaging, humorous illustrations for a story that’s irresistible to both child and parent… There are several pages of meteorological definitions and explanations at the end of the book… My 7-year-old nephew loves it, and so does my 22-month-old son. Lately it’s the only book he’s grabbing from the bookshelf. I think younger kids are drawn in by the pictures, while older ones love that it’s the little guy to the rescue.”