Cross-Cultural Adoption

Cross-Cultural Adoption

How to Answer Questions from Family, Friends and Community

by Caryn Abramowitz and Amy Coughlin

Families who adopt children from other countries are faced with myriad questions—from friends, coworkers, family members, classmates, and caretakers alike. If left unanswered, these questions can spawn misunderstanding and hurtful remarks capable of shattering a vulnerable child's sense of belonging: "She's not my real cousin! She's Chinese!"

Drawing from their experiences as adoptive parents of foreign-born children, authors Caryn Abramowitz and Amy Coughlin give us Cross-Culture Adoption, a unique guidebook to help relatives and friends of adoptive families address important questions before everyone gathers around the dinner table.

International adoption rates have increased by more than 300 percent in the last decade alone. Cross-Culture Adoption responds to this face of the American family by providing you accessbile answers and information on this often sensitive subject.

Written by two adoptive mothers, Cross-Culture Adoption responds to the changing face of American families by providing accessible and extremely useful information in response to some of the most common—and toughest—questions asked about cross-culture adoption.

It is an invaluable learning tool for anyone whole life is touched by international adoption. Whether you're a parent or a grandparent, a teacher or a bus driver, a Little-League coach or a Girl Scout troop leader, you can make a difference. With support and understanding, you can let her know that no matter where she came from, she belongs.

ISBN-13: 9781621571865

Published: April, 2013

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