Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt

Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt

The Complete History of Presidential Drinking

by Mark Will-Weber

Stroll through our country’s memorable moments—from George Washington at Mount Vernon to the days of Prohibition, from impeachment hearings to nuclear weapons negotiations—and discover the role that alcohol played in all of them with Mark Will-Weber’s Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking.

As America transformed from fledgling nation to world power, one element remained constant: alcohol. The eighteenth century saw the Father of His Country distilling whiskey in his backyard. The nineteenth century witnessed the lavish expenses on wine by the Sage of Monticello, Honest Abe’s inclination toward temperance, and the slurred speech of the first president to be impeached. Fast forward to the twentieth century and acquaint yourself with Woodrow Wilson’s namesake whisky, FDR’s affinity for rum swizzles, and Ike's bathtub gin. What concoctions can be found in the White House today? Visit the first lady’s beehives to find out!

In Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt, you’ll learn:

• Which Founding Fathers had distilleries in their backyards
• The teetotalers versus the car-totalers
• Whose expensive tastes in vintages led to bankruptcy
• Which commanders in chief preferred whiskey to whisky
• The 4 C’s: Cointreau, claret, Campari, and cocktails
• The first ladies who heralded the “hair of the dog” and those who vehemently opposed it
• The preferred stemware: snifter or stein?
• Which presidents and staff members abstained, imbibed, or overindulged during Prohibition
• Recipes through the ages: favorites including the Bermuda Rum Swizzle, Missouri Mule, and Obama’s White House Honey Ale

So grab a cocktail and turn the pages of Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt for a unique and entertaining look into the liquor cabinets and the beer refrigerators of the White House. Cheers!

ISBN-13: 9781621572107

Published: October, 2014

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