The Politically Incorrect Guide to the American Revolution

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the American Revolution

by Larry Schweikart and Dave Dougherty

The truth about the American Revolution is under attack. Despite what you may have learned in school, it wasn't a rich slaveholder's war fought to "maintain white privilege." In fact, the War of Independence wasn't about maintaining any status quo—it was the world's first successful bottom-up revolution by the people, ushering in a new dawn of liberty that history had never seen before. But with left-wingers dominating the teaching of history, where can you go for the true story of the unprecedented events that made the United States the worlds greatest nation?

Now bestselling historian Larry Schweikart has teamed up with author Dave Dougherty to write the ground-breaking patriotic history you've always wanted to read about the foundation of our unique nation. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the American Revolution reveals:

  • Four key factors that applied only in America, making it impossible to replicate the Revolution anywhere else
  • Why it matters that the Patriot ghting force was overwhelmingly Scotch-Irish
  • The key role of Protestantism: which denominations tended to become Patriots, and which Tories
  • How Americans were different from the Europeans and English even at the outset of the Revolution
  • How the casualties of the deadliest war in American history are routinely underreported
  • How our Revolution became a model for hundreds of others—that all failed

  • Schweikart and Dougherty take on the left-wing myths—starting with the Marxist narrative of the Revolution in Howard Zinn's nearly ubiquitous A People's History of the United States—and uncover the truth about America's beginning.

    ISBN-13: 9781621576259

    Published: June, 2017

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