Beyond the White Picket Fence

Beyond the White Picket Fence

What to do When Your Life is Dismantled

by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Have you ever felt disappointed by your life?

Have you watched a dream crumble?

Have you wondered if your life has any meaning?

From Sheri Rose Shepherd, author of the popular His Princess series (over one million sold), comes a book that helps us live faithfully and fully when life is far from what we imagined. Using scripture and sharing a firsthand account of her picket fence being torn down, she guides us directly to the one who can help us rebuild—our heavenly Father.

Beyond the White Picket Fence will help you put purpose to your pain and use pieces of your past or present wreckage to lay foundational stones for a new beginning.

Each chapter contains action steps and prayers you can immediately implement as you let go of the devastation and cling to the new purposes God has for you.

ISBN-13: 9781684510283

Published: February, 2021

139.70 x 215.90 mm

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