Live a Life of Miracles

by Chuck Parry

What would happen if we truly believed Jesus’s promise that we will do the same things He did during His earthly ministry—and even greater things? And what does it take for us to live in that naturally supernatural way?

When the power of the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit come together in a son or daughter of God, miracles happen. In this book— powerfully annotated by supporting Scripture—Chuck Parry delivers the same practical principles he teaches thousands of people a year in conferences all over the world about the simplicity of living a supernaturally empowered life that brings Heaven to Earth in the most tangible ways.

When you read Alignment, you will:
• Be encouraged by Chuck’s personal tales and inspired to take similar risks in your own life
• Have your eyes opened to see the abundance of Heaven within and around you
• Break free of the lies of lack and limitation that have kept you powerless
• Experience more personal freedom, excitement, and joy in your Christian walk
• Learn how to minister more powerfully to those in need around you

ISBN-13: 9781684510818

Published: August, 2020

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