The Perfect You

The Perfect You

God's Invitation to Live from the Heart

by Andrew Farley

Widespread teachings mistakenly teach that you – as a believer – have a “wicked” and “deceitful” heart that needs to be tested, not trusted. This inevitably leads to a spiritual experience marked by duty and obligation that’s only an imitation of all that Jesus promised.

This provocative book invites you to a new approach- an inspiring move from head to heart that affects everything you do:

-       how you handle conflict
-       how you communicate and love others
-       how you view yourself and God

There’s a place within you where Jesus lives. It’s a place of purity much like the Holy of Holies from the Old Testament. God calls you to live from this new place – not merely from your head, but from your heart. 

Knowing the "perfect you” means no more pretending. Knowing the "perfect you” brings a newfound freedom in Jesus like you’ve never experienced before.

ISBN-13: 9781684511273

Published: March, 2021

139.70 x 215.90 mm

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