The Perfect You

The Perfect You

God's Invitation to Live from the Heart

by Andrew Farley

Should Your Heart Be Tested or Trusted?

Many believers are convinced they have a “deceitful” and “wicked” heart that is not to be trusted. Theirs is a faith of duty and obligation—only a faint imitation of the full and abundant life Jesus promised.

This provocative book invites you to a radically different approach, an inspiring move from head to heart that affects every aspect of your life: how you handle conflict, how you communicate with and love others, and how you view yourself and God.

There’s a place of purity within you where Jesus lives. God calls you to live from this perfect place—not merely from your head, but from your heart. Knowing the perfect you means no more waiting for closeness with God. Knowing the perfect you brings a freedom in Jesus that you’ve never experienced before.

“In this captivating book, Andrew Farley and Tim Chalas invite you to celebrate God’s perfect (and accurate!) view of you.” —BART MILLARD, singer/songwriter for MercyMe

ISBN-13: 9781684511273

Published: March, 2021

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