Facing the Fire

Facing the Fire

The Faith That Brought "America's Fire Chief" Through the Flames of Persecution

by Kelvin J. Cochran

Decades fighting other people’s fires prepared Kelvin Cochran to face his own fiery trial. He overcame poverty, prejudice, and pain to fulfill a childhood dream of helping others, rising to the top of firefighting’s professional ladder in Atlanta, Georgia.

At one time nationally recognized as “America’s fire chief,” Kelvin unexpectedly found himself caught in a fireball of controversy over his orthodox Christian beliefs, for which he ultimately was fired by the city—making him a focal point in a national battle over religious freedom.

Misrepresented by activists and the media, Kelvin relied on his faith to bring him through. In due course he emerged from the flames of scandal unscathed, like the friends of the prophet Daniel who were thrown into the burning furnace.

Kelvin’s story is a sobering warning of how Christians faithful to biblical teachings are increasingly at risk of persecution in today’s culture. It is also an inspiring example of overcoming racial prejudice and adversity, and finding the courage to take the heat and stand for the truth.

ISBN-13: 9781684511617

Published: October, 2021

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