The Hidden Nazi

The Hidden Nazi

The Untold Story of America's Deal with the Devil

by Dean Reuter, Colm Lowery and Keith Chester

He's the Worst Nazi War Criminal You've Never Heard Of

He was among the worst of the Nazis. He was responsible for the construction of Hitler’s slave labor sites and concentration camps. He personally altered the design of Auschwitz to increase crowding, ensuring that epidemic diseases would complement the work of the gas chambers. At the end of the war he had even more power than SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

Yet few today know the name of General Hans Kammler.

Why has the world forgotten this monster? Kammler was declared dead after the war. But the aide who testified to Kammler’s supposed “suicide” never produced the general’s dog tags or any other proof of death.

Dean Reuter, Colm Lowery, and Keith Chester have spent decades on the trail of the elusive Kammler. The Hidden Nazi is true history more harrowing—and shocking—than the most thrilling fiction.

ISBN-13: 9781684511945

Published: September, 2021

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