Life after Capitalism

Life after Capitalism

by George Gilder

Author of national bestseller Life After Google and generation-defining Wealth and Poverty, venture capitalist, futurist, and pioneering thinker extraordinaire George Gilder pinpoints how the clash of creativity with power at the heart of economic systems leads to global cognitive dissonance and argues that the creation of the novel taps capitalism's infinite promise and is humanity's only path of escape from stagnation and tyranny. Gilder once more rocks the archetypes of modern information theory and economics with a paradigm-shifting salvo of sheer brilliance.

For over two-hundred years, capitalist systems have overtaken the global economy, spreading near-universal growth and opening the floodgates for limitless human potential.

Yet something is going terribly wrong in the world economy.

Creativity and faith in the future—the true engines driving capitalistic economies—have been traded for a slippery slope of cautionary paranoia, popular despair, and political overreach by leaders who promise to hold back the tides, control the weather, and print prosperity with little clue as to what is actually going on.

This divergence did not begin with the Obama administration, the Trump presidency, the Gates Foundation, or George Soros, says leading futurist George Gilder. The cognitive dissonance and its harvest of confusion and despair reflects a deep misunderstanding at the heart of capitalism itself.

In Life After Capitalism, national bestselling author George Gilder explains how economics is not an incentive system but an information system. Redefining capitalism for the modern age, he reveals how free enterprise is a mind driven system, that material resources are essentially as infinite as the atoms of the universe, and that what governs economic growth is human creativity—not merely a Marxist class struggle for power.

ISBN-13: 9781684512249

Published: October, 2022

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