Bully of Asia

Bully of Asia

Why China's Dream is the New Threat to World Order

by Steven W. Mosher

The Once and Future Hegemon

In a world bristling with dangers, only one enemy poses a truly mortal challenge to the United States and the peaceful and prosperous world that America guarantees. That enemy is China, a country

-that invented totalitarianism thousands of years ago 

-whose economic power rivals our own

-that believes its superior race and culture give it the right to universal deference

-that teaches its people to hate America for standing in the way of achieving its narcissistic “dream” of world domination

-that believes in its manifest destiny to usher in the World of Great Harmony

-which publishes maps showing the exact extent of the nuclear destruction it could rain down on the United States

Steven Mosher exposes the resurgent aspirations of the would-be hegemon—and the roots of China’s will to domination in its five-thousand-year history of ruthless conquest and assimilation of other nations, brutal repression of its own people, and belligerence toward any civilization that challenges its claim to superiority.

The naïve idealism of our “China hands” has lulled America into a fool’s dream of “engagement” with the People’s Republic of China and its “peaceful evolution” toward democracy and freedom. Wishful thinking, says Mosher, has blinded us to the danger we face and left the world vulnerable to China’s overweening ambitions.

Mosher knows China as few Westerners do. Having exposed as a visiting graduate student the monstrous practice of forced abortions, he became the target of the regime’s crushing retaliation. His encyclopedic grasp of China’s history and its present-day politics, his astute insights, and his bracing realism are the perfect antidote for our dangerous confusion about the Bully of Asia.

ISBN-13: 9781684512997

Published: January, 2022

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