The Myth of Hitler’s Pope

The Myth of Hitler's Pope

How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews from the Nazis

by David G. Dalin

Was Pope Pius XII secretly in league with Adolf Hitler?

No, says Rabbi David G. Dalin, but there was a cleric in league with Hitler: the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini. As Pope Pius XII worked to save Jews from the Nazis, the grand mufti became Hitler’s staunch ally and a promoter of the Holocaust, with a legacy that feeds radical Islam today.

In this shocking and thoroughly documented book, Rabbi Dalin explodes the myth of Hitler’s pope and condemns the mythmakers for not only rewriting history, but for denying the testimony of Holocaust survivors, hijacking the Holocaust for unseemly political ends, and ignoring the real threat to the Jewish people.

ISBN-13: 9781684514298

Published: June, 2023

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