Books for Dad: Great Gifts for Conservative Fathers

One thing is for sure: Dads love books. If you are looking for a gift for your father, look no further than these great books for Dad. Regnery offers political books, books on World War 2, Civil War, and other aspects of American history, biographies, and even some funny books for the Dad with a sense of humor.

Books Dad Will Want To Talk About

Dads who follow current events are sure to love all of these books, and will talk about them with friends! Just some of the Regnery authors included in this list are: President Trump, Mollie Hemingway, David Limbaugh, Liz Wheeler, Matthew Whitaker, and Kristen Tate. Be sure to check out more Regnery titles here.

World War 2 Books for Dads

Dads love stories about heroism. Books like Target Patton, which tells the story of the assassination attempt on General Patton, or the 40 Thieves of Saipan, which tells of the elite squad of Marine scout-snipers, or The Hunt for Hitler’s Warship, which tells the story of the more than 30 operations to find the Tirpitz, Hitler’s 52,000 ton warship that was thought to be unsinkable, and many more.

Civil War Books for Dads

If your Dad is interested in the Civil War, these books by Civil War historians such as Edward Bonekemper III and Samuel Mitcham, Jr. will give him new perspectives on the War Between The States.

Books for the Faithful Dad

Give Dad a book that will inspire and comfort him. See for more titles.

Books on Presidents

If your Dad is a history buff and interested in politics, these books on the presidents will make great gifts.

Politically Incorrect Books for Dads

If your Dad is tired of the PC turn our culture has taken, these books are for him.

Other Books for Dads

Still Unsure What To Get Him?

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