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H. L. Mencken’s Smart Set Criticism, H. L. Mencken, 1970, 0-89526-231-2, Paperback, $14.95

In this powerful book Mencken battles against conventional thinking; from Emerson to Shaw, Twain to Joyce, and teetotalers to psychoanalysts.

Hail to the Chief, Callista Gingrich, 2016, 978-1-62157-479-8, Hardcover, $16.99

Ellis the Elephant is back, and he’s headed to the White House! In Hail to the Chief, the sixth in Callista Gingrich’s New York Times bestselling series, Ellis meets some of America’s greatest presidents and discovers how they have led our country throughout American history. In preceding books, including Sweet Land of Liberty, Land of the Pilgrims’… | read more »

Hamilton Fish, Hamilton Fish, 1970, 0-89526-531-1, Hardcover, $$19.95

For three-quarters of a century, he exerted political clout in both New York Sate and the nation. His friends and enemies were among the celebrated and the powerful, the illustrious and infamous. He saw history being made. He made history himself. These are the memories of Hamilton Fish: his colorful life, the people who were… | read more »

Hannibal, Ross Leckie, 1970, 0-89526-385-8, Paperback, $14.95

Leckie tells the heroic story of Hannibal, commander of the Carthaginian army, who leads his army of mercenaries and elephants over the Alps in the middle of winter, invades Italy, and inflicts upon the Romans a series of astonishing, crippling defeats.

Hap Arnold, Bill Yenne, 2014, 978-1-62157-300-5, Hardcover, Paperback, $

General Henry Harley “Hap” Arnold is widely considered the father of the United States Air Force. But his long list of accomplishments doesn’t begin or end there. He was also the first and only five-star general of the US Air Force; one of the first US military aviators; the first American to carry air mail;… | read more »

Harvard Hates America, John LeBoutillier, 1970, 0-89526-688-1, Hardcover, $$7.95

“Angry Young Man” could just as well be used to describe the 25-year-old author of this abrasive book about Harvard University and the sorry state of America’s leadership. He’s angry because–like bright young men of his earlier generations–he went to Harvard expecting to receive the best education America could offer and found instead an atmosphere… | read more »

Hate Crime Hoax: The Left’s Campaign to Sell a Fake Race War, Wilfred Reilly, 2019, 9781621577782, Hardcover, $28.99

If you believe the news, today’s America is plagued by an epidemic of violent hate crimes. But is that really true? In Hate Crime Hoax, Professor Wilfred Reilly examines over one hundred widely publicized incidents of so-called hate crimes that never actually happened. With a critical eye and attention to detail, Reilly debunks these fabricated incidents—many of… | read more »

Hatred’s Kingdom, Dore Gold, 1970, 0-89526-135-9, Hardcover, $27.95

The former Israeli ambassador to the UN pieces together the links between the current wave of global terrorism–from the World Trade Center to Bali, Indonesia–and the culture of hatred fostered throughout Saudi Arabia.

Healing Outside the Margins, Carole O'Toole, Carolyn Hendricks, 1970, 0-89526-193-6, Hardcover, Paperback, $21.95

Helps you establish a plan using multiple treatments, and then evaluate the various therapies, physicians, and programs available.

Healthy Lunchbox, Rallie McAllister, 1970, 0-89526-137-5, Hardcover, Paperback, $19.95

Through her work with hundreds of families, Dr. McAllister shows you how to take advantage of your nutritional clout and transition your family into a healthier lifestyle.

Heart Sense for Women, Jan Sinatra, Steven Sinatra, 1970, 0-89526-259-2, Hardcover, $21.95

Heart disease kills more women than men, yet it’s still thought of as a “man’s disease.” Heart Sense for Women explains why women are consistently misdiagnosed and shows how to assess your own risk of heart disease.

Heavy Lifting, Cam Edwards, Jim Geraghty, 2015, 978-1-62157-414-9, Hardcover, $27.99

What has happened to men in America? Once upon a time, men in their twenties looked forward to settling down and having children. Today, most young men seem infected by a widespread Peter Pan syndrome. Unwilling to give up the freedom to sleep late, play video games, dress like a slob, and play the field,… | read more »

Hell to Pay, Barbara Olson, 1970, 0-89526-274-6, Hardcover, $27.95

In this New York Times bestseller, television commentator and former Congressional investigator Barbara Olson reveals the real Hillary-including her often disturbing complicity in her husband’s wrongdoing, and her big-government agenda for the future.

Hero, Meg Meeker, M.D., 2017, 9781621575023, Hardcover, $24.99

Pediatrician and bestselling author Meg Meeker has a message: Stop undervaluing fatherhood. We live in a culture that hails motherhood as a woman’s crowning achievement yet defines men first and foremost by their professional accomplishments, treating fatherhood as almost incidental—a bonus. But from her years spent as a pediatrician listening to children’s needs and fears,… | read more »

High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Ann Coulter, 1998, 0-89526-360-2, Hardcover, $24.95

Coulter combs through the evidence to answer all the questions that are keeping the Clinton administration embroiled in scandal–the likes of which out nation has never seen.

Higher Purpose, Tom Whittaker, 1970, 0-89526-199-5, Hardcover, $$27.95

In the years since losing his leg to a drunk driver, Tom Whittaker has not only taken his life back, he’s taken his family, fellow sportsmen, and hundreds of thousands of disabled and able-bodied people to the top of the world.

Hill Rat, John Jackley, 1970, 0-89526-529-X, Hardcover, $$21.95

A veteran aide and press secretary to three congressmen on Capitol Hill, John Jackley takes you behind Congress’s closed doors and into the corrupt back alleys of power.

Hillary’s America, Dinesh D'Souza, 2016, 1621573478, Hardcover, $29.99

Dinesh D’Souza, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller America, is back with this darkly entertaining deconstruction of Hillary Clinton’s flawed character and ideology. From her Alinskyite past to her hopes for America’s progressive future, the presumptive Democratic nominee is revealed to be little more than a political gangster intent on controlling the nation’s wealth. D’Souza chronicles the sleazy ascent of the Clintons and makes clear what some voters have long suspected: that Hillary is far more dangerous and corrupt than Bill ever was.

Hitler’s Religion, Richard Weikart, 2016, 978-1621575009, Hardcover, $

For a man whom history can never forget, Adolf Hitler remains a persistent mystery on one front—his religious faith. Atheists tend to insist Hitler was a devout Christian. Christians counter that he was an atheist. And still others suggest that he was a practicing member of the occult. None of these theories are true, says… | read more »

Hollow Men, Charles Sykes, 1970, 0-89526-539-7, Hardcover, $19.95

Sykes uses Dartmouth College as a case study to show how American higher education is turning out hollow men and women–apathetic, ignorant, and empty of the civilizational patrimony that should be theirs.

Hollywood Traitors, Allan H. Ryskind, 2015, 978-1-62157-206-0, Hardcover, $29.99

Allan Ryskind, son of Marx Brothers screenwriter Morrie Ryskind (Animal Crackers, A Night at the Opera, Room Service) unleashes a politically incorrect barrage on the blacklisted Communists in the film industry, ripping off the halos that have been put over their heads, and exposing how these supposed liberal paragons not only adored Josef Stalin, but… | read more »

Holy War, Unholy Victory, Kurt Lohbeck, 1970, 0-89526-499-4, Hardcover, $24.00

The only full-time American journalist to cover the Soviet-Afghan war uncovers a web of intrigue of more than half a dozen of the world’s intelligence agencies and their covert activities.

Honour Be Damned, Tom Connery, 1970, 0-89526-252-5, Hardcover, $21.92

While battling ship-to-ship action testing Markham’s wits and courage he encounters an unexpected figure from his past who overturns everything.

Honour Redeemed, Tom Connery, 1970, 0-89526-276-2, Hardcover, $$21.95

Markham’s bravery shines through again as he leads his men into the battle to wrest Corsica from the French. But Markham learns that the sting of conflict can be less dangerous than the deceit and treachery of espionage, with the French always one step ahead of the British.

Hoofmarks, Michael Wynne, 1970, 0-89526-673-3, Paperback, $

A collection of 12 contrasting tales of the widely diverse sub-culture that man’s ancient association with the horse has brought into being: the world of horse shows, hunts, cattle ranches, rodeos and race meetings and the psychological and valuational conflicts and aspirations this environment engenders.

Hooray for Liberty, Charlie Brown!, Charles M. Schulz, 2016, 978-1-62157-517-7, Hardcover, $14.99

Lucy tries to to order Charlie Brown and his friends to do whatever she says, but the Peanuts gang remembers an important lesson from school about democracy!

Hoover’s FBI, Deke DeLoach, 2016, 9781621575832, Paperback, $19.99

DeLoach offers insider history about the world’s most famous law enforcement agency, from the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., FBI crusades against organized crime and the Communist party, and “secret files” Hoover allegedly kept to blackmail hostile members of Congress.

House Mouse, Senate Mouse, Cheryl Barnes, Peter Barnes, 2012, 978-1-59698-790-6, Hardcover, $16.95

Teaching children about the Senate, House of Representatives, and the Capitol building, Cheryl and Peter Barnes’ House Mouse, Senate Mouse gives kids an entertaining and educational look at the legislative process while teaching them the values of hard work and compromise.

How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America, Brion McClanahan, 2017, 9781621576358, Hardcover, $28.99

He’s the subject of a hit Broadway musical, the face on the ten-dollar bill, and one of the most popular founding fathers. But what do you really know about Alexander Hamilton? Hamilton was no American hero, says author Brion McClanahan. In fact, he spent his life working to make sure citizens and states could not… | read more »

How Civilizations Die, David Goldman, 1970, 978-1-59698-273-4, Hardcover, $27.95

In How Civilizations Die, David P. Goldman–author of the celebrated “Spengler” column read by intelligence organizations worldwide–reveals how, almost unnoticed, massive shifts in global power are remaking our future.

How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization, Cardinal Antonio Canizares, Thomas Woods Jr., 2012, 9781596983281, Paperback, $16.95

From modern economics to western art and music, from modern science to international law, the Catholic Church has contributed much to the development of our civilization–but rarely gets credit for it. Until now.

How to Prosper During the Hard Times Ahead, Howard Ruff, 1970, 0-89526-313-0, Hardcover, $24.95

Howard Ruff urges you to think the unthinkable and prepare yourself for years of profound economic and political upheaval.

How to Survive Your Doctor’s Care, Pamela Gallin, 1970, 0-892526-120-0, Hardcover, $24.95

Offers invaluable counsel–from the one of the country’s leading pediatric surgeons–for every American in need of medical treatment.

How Trump Won, Joel Pollak, Larry Schweikart, 2017, B01MR0IIJ3, Paperback, $12.99

From the moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the White House until very late on Election Night 2016, media and pollsters kept insisting Trump wouldn’t—couldn’t—be president. But for Larry Schweikart—one of a ragtag group of amateur politicos called “the Deplorables” who had been publishing shockingly accurate polls and predictions—and Joel Pollak—a Breitbart News senior… | read more »

Hunting the President, Mel Ayton, 2014, 978-1621572077, Hardcover, $29.95

Sign up for a FREE chapter! EMAIL: Please send me a FREE chapter from Hunting the President!   About the Book: In American history, four U.S. Presidents have been murdered at the hands of an assassin. In each case the assassinations changed the course of American history. But most historians have overlooked or downplayed the… | read more »